If We Take These #14Actions, Victory Is Ours!

Not quite sure what to do in this fierce, fantastic future of work? Need a little push in the right direction? Step right this way, here are #14Actions that can keep you relevant, push you into the orbit of other players, and showcase your genius. Simple!

It starts with Cultivating (Dangerous) Curiosity. Why dangerous? Because sniffing around new topics, stepping on others’ toes, asking “Why?”and “What if…?” is courageous work yo! It is also the only way forward…

What you will find when you ask questions, unfortunately, is not clarity. It is not certainty. Indeed, it is quite the opposite. Instead, you will enter the grey world of ambiguity. This is the world where all the fun happens, by the way. You may need the strength of your convictions to persevere. It is worthwhile.

By moving forward, however, you will have plenty of content for you to START many a conversation. This is a great skill, and makes you popular at parties.

You know who puts an end to all the BEST parties? The police. Don’t be them, be the thief instead. You will play an ambivalent role in your organization, but you can create a romantic legacy of culture hacking too!

Talking of which, saying “I am about to go on a journey of lowering my standards, and you will all benefit from it!” is definitely a culture hacker thing to say! Good luck. You will be cheaper, quicker, more relevant for that journey…

…But you need to know when to stop. New tools and technique emerge all the time to reverse the process. Be ready to (re)act.

When people question your schizophrenia, showcase them your best mad, drunk uncle at a wedding routine. It will be hilarious, and just what the doctor ordered (though maybe not the bride).

If you have any kind of bias, make it this one: ACT! A bit like curiosity driving the input phase, doing stuff is the output. Shit’s about to get real, just sayin’. Good luck.

Hopefully, you have created a fail forward experimentation zone. One where you can makes lots of small bets (perhaps under the radar is best!)

Such an approach will be a rich learning environment. You will begin to appreciate what you are really good at. This is a good time to reflect. Are you ready? For all that stuff?

If you are ready, or if you are not, now is not the time to squirrel away your thoughts and projects. Saving your stuff for a rainy day is a waste – share the damn thing already! The feedback you get will be richer than you can ever imagine.

For one thing, you will realise that your network doesn’t like that, but it does like this! Generally, this is fun, revealing, entertaining, it is sharable and social, and heartfelt too. Who knew?!

And if you aren’t sure how to create such fresh stuff, then begin by following the great and the good in your area of interest. Unexpected outcomes await.


Here is my prognostication: introduce some or most of these ACTIONS into your life and victory is guaranteed.

How can I help? #14Actions

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