The Mad Drunk Uncle At A Wedding Is READY For The Future OF Work #14Actions

I wrote a few days ago that communicators should not be a police force. No more hiding in the shadows, monitoring – be the Chief Conversation Starter instead. That takes balls of steel. One way to deal with it: channel that typical mad, drunk uncle at a wedding.

This is someone who drives the edge (aggressively) between mild entertainment value

– “OMG! That was hilariously inappropriate! Buy that man another drink!” –

and annoyance

– “I wish he wasn’t a member of my family so I didn’t have to invite him, but my aunt is such a lovely person and I feel sorry for her.”

That person, that slightly demented doofus, he is ready to play in the sandpit of modern day life. He is ready to fail – and fall – forward, ready to act and react, ready to perform, ready to pick up (and drop) the mic. Are you?

This is one of #14Actions for you to be ready, when the times comes…

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