This “Future of Work” Thing is 20 Years in the Making.

Pandemic times call for new thinking. The remote working / #WFH movement that we have been thrust into invites individuals, teams and organizations to shift through the gears. How do we enable people technologically? How do we leverage new communications channels? … Continue reading This “Future of Work” Thing is 20 Years in the Making.

Fiendish Child: What We Have For Lunch Matters

The ability to socialize – communicate, build a network, prosper with people of all persuasions – is an ability that all young people do not have, apparently.

They are stuck behind screens of various dimensions and mobility! They are playing video games for 30 hours A DAY! They are all flaming and trolling innocent others and punishing all and sundry with nary a thought for hurt and shame! They have lost the ability to speak and have grown massive thumbs with which they grab the world and shake it…

All of it nonsense.

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3 Things I Learned From Being An Anonymous Enterprise Troll

Four years ago, before “social” was a thing inside my company, I tried a few things out. One of them was an anonymous blog on the crappy old intranet in which I gently, but directly, skewered various big personalities and important people in the organization, through the voice of The Pundit.

The Pundit always referred to The Pundit in the third person. The Pundit was self-important and zealous, convinced of The Pundit‘s rectitude. The Pundit antagonized and poked colleagues throughout the world, trying to galvanize social discourse and watercooler chat that was visible to all. The Pundit was very edgy, a satirical representation of the back channel protagonists and gossip mongers that patrol the office corridors.

The Pundit, unsurprisingly, was a highly divisive character – hierarchy killing hero to some, rude and ridiculous troll to others.

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When The Eyes Of Your C-Suite Are Staring At You (Unblinkingly), Your #ESN Will Fail

Enterprise Social Networks flatten organizations, they release untold energy and stories and knowledge, content that floods through the network and makes the company come alive…right? Well, it depends who is watching. Everyone in social business will tell you that executive sponsorship is critical for the successful evolution of your social enterprise endeavour. Well, yeah, but no. I agree that support is required, some engagement too. But ownership top-down roll-outs, not so much. Case in point… A friend told me a story the other night: –begin– I got an invite to a yammer network from a developer colleague. Seems like Yammer is … Continue reading When The Eyes Of Your C-Suite Are Staring At You (Unblinkingly), Your #ESN Will Fail