Prosper In The Future Of Work: Be The Thief, Never The Police #14Actions

Gosh, think about the idea of communication for a moment. Knowing, connecting, aligning, embracing. What a beautiful thing. Consequently, what a beautiful role to have inside an organization, am I right?! The fluidity that allows narratives to pass around, for values to make a difference, for action!

Now think about the role of communicator inside the bureaucratic machine. Spinning, corporatespeaking, Machiavelling and, mostly, policing.


And enough.

Be the thief. Be the anti-hero, the one that got away. Act as advocate, as voice of the oppressed, speak to truth yo! It is the role your kith and kin need of you – it is your gift to others.

Why? Because it is a good thing to do, for sure. But do so with pragmatism as your guide. Nothing else matters. We have no time for useless stuff, for corporatespeak and empty rhetoric. We have plenty of time for conversation and meaning and narrative. Yes, we have all the time in the world.

This is a series of #14Actions to prosper in the near future, whether you are a communicator or not.

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