COVID Art: Current Mood, Heavy Weather

A neighbour of ours is a fine arts professor at Emily Carr University. He saw Zoe’s art exhibition and wrote me an email about her Current Mood selection: great pandemic show! I found the durational moods portrait series particularly interesting as … Continue reading COVID Art: Current Mood, Heavy Weather

The #SocBiz Dogme Manifesto

Researching this series of posts on modern art and social business, I revisited a post I wrote about the Dogme manifesto (and its relationship to other manifestos). One portion seemed particularly apropos to the journey of social / networked business many of us are on. Herein extracted: Festen, the original Dogme film, was an utter delight to me. I believed “I could do that!” and I could (at least from a technical perspective, notwithstanding my lack of creative genius.) Similar to the Incomplete Manifesto for Growth, Dogme says do not (over)embellish. Just do it. Like the Passionate Creative Worker, it says blaze new trails; never settle. The Cult of Done Manifesto says … Continue reading The #SocBiz Dogme Manifesto

I Am An Artist, You Are An Artist, We Are All Of Us Artists

Seth Godin has some great content, of course, about people picking themselves. I have written previously about the transformation I went through when I realized the means of creative production were within reach upon first using MiniDV video technology and editing on an early iMac. Embracing the technology, I was effectively picking myself: because Suddenly, I was in control, a one-man shop, a creative force! I was a child again, trying things out, self-congratulatory, experimental, churning, learning. By producing content – where before I was just full of ideas – I was making art. I was a self-proclaimed artist. Modern art … Continue reading I Am An Artist, You Are An Artist, We Are All Of Us Artists

What Modern Art Teaches Us About Opinion + Opportunity

Yesterday, I made the comparison between modern art and SocBiz. I shared a piece of (modern) art consisting of this definition: modern art = I could do that + yeah, but you didn’t. If that is true, and it is, then modern art is also about a) showing up; b) thinking and applying ideas; and c) sharing those thoughts and outputs. Ergo, it is the same for social business / networking. You see? Interesting things emerge when you have an opinion, a position, and you are willing to share it. Having the opinion is important, it stakes a claim, it … Continue reading What Modern Art Teaches Us About Opinion + Opportunity