I Like Working With My Team. We Scale.

Not all projects work according to plan. Every year, my team has several wins and a few losses. The losses, generally, are small and valuable in their learning potential; the wins tend to help the organization pivot just a tiny bit, towards the future. I am very grateful for the people I work with, and gapingvoid has a good ingredients list for teamwork that covers off a lot of what they bring to the table. We have a small team that embraces scaling as a core service and attribute. And, give or take, this is close to how we operate. … Continue reading I Like Working With My Team. We Scale.

#PKyvr33 Day 16: No Room For #CAWW Today

Any regular TMWK visitor will know I can rattle on about the topics of #FutureOfWork, #SocBiz. Just look at the category choices on the right column. In the last year plus, Change Agents Worldwide has been a central part of those conversations. This is a place where much of my emergent learning occurs, or is deepened. My focus on working out loud was stimulated there, not least because CAWW has the world’s leading experts on it. Concurrently, as I engage in very deep discussion about some of the BIG TOPICS of the (work) day, I have also recognized the value … Continue reading #PKyvr33 Day 16: No Room For #CAWW Today