Let’s do this thing.

Trying to make work a more human(e) place. 10 years of experimentation, failure, challenge, change, and breakthroughs! Detailed below are mechanisms for a persistent, determined individual to make a bigger difference. A Disorganizer.

The ABCDEs of a Corporate Disorganizer. 99 x 1-minute episodes, of:

  • Actions,
  • Bits/Bytes (knowledge),
  • Concepts,
  • Definitions,
  • Encouragements.

There are always 99 problems, but you are not one of them. You are going to Dis!Organize.

Where it all began, with a Fast Company article.
Disorganizers rebirth the organization.
Actively manage the challenges around us.
Not everything we do occurs in a straight line.
It’s time to believe in something at work.
Does your company need “Dis-ing”?
It’s time to get others to their own breakthrough…
As you succeed, you start the rebirth.
Channel Cindy Gallop.
It’s time to take the fork in the road.
What’s your idea…?
Share is the default position.
Find your fellow travellers.
The biggest gift.
Take a stand. Publish your intent.
Creativity = Curiosity + Confidence.
90% of everything is crap.
Frequently Unasked Questions.
Copy, transform, combine.
You can go a long way with just a little.
No dead wood here.
A person is a person because of people.
You cannot spell challenge without change.
Let the network in.
Be a shoulder to cry on.
You have the ideas and commitment.
Be strong!
Be happy!
Keep fighting.
Move out in all directions.
It might get dangerous.
Where the epiphanies occur.
Let’s get physical.
How to connect with the right people.
Where is the toilet…?
Think about what you sell again.
Seek out the uncertainties.
Could there be a better question?
You have the solution.
Can we fix it? Yes, we can.
Bringing others with you.
Put down your device.
Trust the grouch.
Reimagine a gnarly problem.
From the front lines of curiosity.
The creative tension is unstoppable.
Don’t take it so seriously.
Find a place called Home.
Managers hate uncertainty.
It’s a promise I can make.
Defining yourself at work is a critical first step.
Drucker was right…
The hard work of unlocking talent in the team.
If we want change, we undo what went before.
Assume your power pose. Ready to win.
“ACT!” It’s time to make it happen.
Make your work a) observable; b) narrated.
Edge workers signal the future.
Courage yields creativity.
When the sun glints through the pines…
How to deal with complexity.
Work is learning. Learning is the work.
Those who are ahead want to share.
Look at more stuff; think about it harder.
The new normal will not be the same.
The value is at the edge.
Connect the dots and get out the way.
Learn as you go.
You have one chance to sell.
Disorganizers can play the game.
You need a back-up plan.
It is better to do what you cannot explain.
Consider #NoEmail.
Know when to walk away.
I could do that; yeah, but you didn’t.
Write your own description.
Be ballsy!
Be overconfident!
Strategy is not everything.
Um, no, it isn’t.
It’s about how hard you can get hit.
Change yourself, your org.
Is it ‘agile’ or ‘disruption’?
It’s time for radical transparency.
Every day is learning day.
Companies prefer certainty.
You can make the difference.
Dee Hock has you covered.
Dust off your improv skills.
Putting people first.
Be the agent for people, not tech.
Two sides of the same coin.
Every little thing counts.
“Act as if…” to get to change.
Write down your thinking.
Network success requires it.
From small to large, large to small.
Everything changes.
Be the connoisseur of the street.
Demand it when you nail it.