Before You Can Lead, Try To Follow #14Actions

If you have read the Work Out Loud approach of John Stepper, you will see that you need to start simple in your quest for relevance and network building, those attributes that are the modern bellweathers for meaningful work. The barriers to entry to this great game are almost non-existent.

Social media has made this super easy: it take a few clicks to create an avatar and a username on twitter and you are off to the races.

“But I have nothing to say or to share?!” you protest. Fine, start by following others. Others who have broken through the barriers, those who are clearing a path for you.

Leverage their hard work, their research, reading, conversations. Participate in them, add your value, where you can.

One of the delicious attributes of social media is that if you move forward in the same direction of generosity as others, you can be quickly included in the cohort. Quite quickly, following others can create opportunities to lead too.

This process was how I came into contact with Change Agents Worldwide. It is how I forged network relationships with supreme network thinkers like Harold Jarche, Jon Husband, Simon Terry, others, others, others…

Start somewhere! Take #14Actions.

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