Dissecting Your Personal Brand: How Does Your Brain Work?

The number one area of reading everyone should be doing to better understand the(ir) human condition is modern advances in neurology – we have come to understand more about the workings of brain in the last 20 years than in the previous 10000 years.

I remember as a Economics undergrad participating in game theory studies with my professors as they pulled apart long standing arguments about rational decision-making. It is fascinating stuff. JA-brain

So, when we look at your personal brand, part of the process is to reflect on how we make decisions, because it definitely informs how we show up. This is especially important when it comes to team dynamics. If your team is full of ‘powerful’ decision-makers rather than ‘empathizers’, the team culture will be impacted. Similarly, if brainstorming happens in a fully harmonic environment, you will miss the stimulation that dissenters bring to the table.

We are not doctors alert!

So, we test for that, in a very general way, based on academic foundations. We don’t deliver prescriptions from it; the Brain content is high stim stuff; food for thought. Enjoy it; perhaps there will be an insight or two from the tests:

  • Is your brainstorming / idea generation preference: harmony, balanced, or dissent?
  • Is your default decision-making technique: automatic or conscious?
  • Just how deep are your powers of observation?
  • Are you right or left brained?
  • What level of social intimacy do you have: high, ideal, low?
  • How rational are you about money: dominant rational, sympathetic irrational, or just plain irrational?!
  • Do you see the world from a position of power or from one of empathy?

Welcome to your BrandBoard Brain!

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