How To Prosper In The Future Of Work: Cultivate Dangerous Curiosity #14Actions

The future of work is a scary place for those unprepared. Communicators are the amongst the first to be sidelined, and I wrote a few reflections – here here here here here here – about that. But now what?!

There is only one thing to do: take action. The next few posts share 14 actions to wrestle control of your destiny back from “the future”. They are pertinent to anyone, I reckon, communicators especially.

Let’s start at the beginning though: curiosity will always win the day.

Why do children learn so much, so fast? Because they are curious kids, that’s why! We educate the natural curiosity out of people, so as to inculcate a fixed set of facts, a singular narrative into the collective skull of the community. Fine, when everyone is the same, when everything is the same. Y’know the good old days.

Today? Not so much. We have multiple, divergent and emergent narratives, we have billions of data points and facts to sift through in order to find our own unique pathway.


If you are not curious – dangerously curious – to ask difficult questions and explore hidden nooks and crannies, well shame on you(!), for you will otherwise be given someone else’s perspective, and as it is given to you, the sand on which you stand shall begin to shift, your footing will become unsteady.

For the dangerously curious, however, the seeker and the head scratcher – great things await! You will (be able to) keep up with the Millennials and the Gen Zers who are network first, mobile only, internet born, globally minded, assumption questioning. #14Actions

Get curious yo!

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