If In Doubt, Adopt A Bias To Action. #14Actions

My new favourite word, channeling AiWeiWei, is ACT. The world is moving too fast for introspection and planning.

I can write several hundred blog posts (a few of which might even be good) without blinking – simply because I raise my fingers to keyboard and start writing. Maybe the odd sketch, an email draft along the way, but no “strategy” required. Do, start, discourse, iterate…

If curiosity is the kick start to a future of work mindset, then action is the kicker. If you are smart (not clever), if you have thick-ish skin, if you have the bravado of your mad, drunk uncle, and if you are willing to press “SEND” or “POST”; or to raise your hand and pick yourself…well, then you are in good shape.


And if you are not brave enough, reckless enough, determined enough? Then the dangers of the future of work become stronger…so take at least some of these #14Actions.

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