Prosper In The Future Of Work: Ambiguity > Certainty – #14Actions

Ok, so you are curious, as I described yesterday. The first of #14Actions. Great start! Because you are already questioning and scratching your chin, you are also probably happy to embrace ambiguity. And a good job too – for the near future (of work) will be full of shadow, a grey zone of uncertainty: work will be spontaneous; sketched, non-routine, in perpetual beta, following patterns and insights, and everywhere / anytime.

In this emergent space, we will be constantly forming, storming, and norming our work networks: we will take advantage of weak links, swarm, move out into our ecosystem, we will hyperconnect. Keep scratching your chin yo!

You are now a self-hacker – “one who enjoys the intellectual challenge of creatively overcoming or circumventing limitations”.

With all of the above, you can even move to the edge of chaos to look for emergent patterns. That’s what the header image shows, patterns emerging inside a complex system. Wow! How’s the view? Intriguing, I suspect. From where you are, you can map your next step, hopefully.

Meanwhile, back in the middle of things, where everyone else is going about their unsuspecting business, what’s this?! Tsunami approaching, no warning system in place!

Do not ask for certainty from anyone, do not expect it anywhere. Always be on edge, always on your toes, ready to act. Remember antifragility: “it is better to do what you cannot explain than explain what you cannot do.”

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