Reciprocation: Make Life Easier For Stakeholders And They Owe You #PersonalBranding

A basic premise of personal branding is that by sharing your inimitable genius you can then earnestly and openly ask

How can I help?

I write about this a lot: here, here, here, there, there. The answer to that question becomes:

“…like this and this and that.” You made it easy for your stakeholder to see the opportunity. What a gift.

Listening to Robert Cialdini at the Art of Marketing in Vancouver last week, there is something else to it too: Reciprocation.

When you give first, the recipient tends to have a debt to repay. In other words, they owe you! Cialdini uses the example of restaurant servers who receive an average of 3.3% larger tip if they give the payer a mint on the bill tray.

It is a little ‘cheat’ to remind people when they go to pay that “I keep on giving!” and in return, the tip gets larger.

Giving two mints results in a 13% larger tip. Say wha’?! And saying “Oh, I like you guys, let me give you another mint!” has a 23% tip uplift. Gack.

So, now consider your own gift to your stakeholder: your boss, teammates, client, employer…

“Let me explain,” (maybe on an ongoing basis over time) “how I am at my greatest. This is my gift. How can I help?”

If your counterparty actually hears you, they are in your debt. Their reciprocation should be to help you manifest that greatness. (If they don’t get it, maybe they don’t deserve you…)

This is simply how the world gets better, your results and circumstances too. You are adding value, and bringing others along with you.

How can I help?

What is stopping you asking that question?

←This Much We Know.→

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