Dis!Organize Ep. 48: Commiserate.

Disorganizers have bruises from their fights and muscle from the experimentation and small victories.  We know how to make things happen and lead the emergent edge of the organizations we serve. Because we have fallen down so many times (and got back … Continue reading Dis!Organize Ep. 48: Commiserate.

#PKyvr33 Day 16: No Room For #CAWW Today

Any regular TMWK visitor will know I can rattle on about the topics of #FutureOfWork, #SocBiz. Just look at the category choices on the right column. In the last year plus, Change Agents Worldwide has been a central part of those conversations. This is a place where much of my emergent learning occurs, or is deepened. My focus on working out loud was stimulated there, not least because CAWW has the world’s leading experts on it. Concurrently, as I engage in very deep discussion about some of the BIG TOPICS of the (work) day, I have also recognized the value … Continue reading #PKyvr33 Day 16: No Room For #CAWW Today

Change Agents Are Peasants On A Hillside, Hearts Open, Mouths Shut

Undertaking some garage spring cleaning on Easter Sunday, I found some old picture frames, one of which is worth resurrecting from storage TODAY. Ripped from the intro page of a Paul Theroux book, if memory serves, it highlights perfectly my own #FutureOfWork point of view as an advocate of change. “A peasant must stand a long time on a hillside with his mouth open before a roast duck flies in.” I have been there, for years too long, alongside colleagues too many, a powerless peasant in a system I neither controlled nor understood. Yet… “The movements which work revolutions in the world … Continue reading Change Agents Are Peasants On A Hillside, Hearts Open, Mouths Shut

10 Revelations From 260+ Blogs In One Year

I recently wrote: I have to go far to go at all. I need to commit fully to avoid making excuses, for being lazy. So, when I eventually began the TMWK blog I made a promise to write a post every day. I even took a week off work to get into the flow and produce. Remarkably, a year on I have posted more than 260 posts. Here is what I have learned along the way… Do or do not. There is no try, said Yoda, and who am I to argue. No-one, that’s who. So I won’t. ‘Nuff with … Continue reading 10 Revelations From 260+ Blogs In One Year

Hey, Disrupt Happens.

Fortuitously, I have an insider’s view on business disruption as a member of the Change Agents Worldwide (CAWW) collective. It is a hivemind of the great and good of e2.0, social business mavens. How does CAWW go about its own business? With transparency and trust at its heart, with collaboration and cooperation as its cogs and wheels. It disrupts traditional, staid consultancy – all big names with bigger theories, yet bigger prices. Of course, consultants are the people articulating the changes in the enterprise and building out the solutions for the next iteration(s) of our organizations, so surely they are … Continue reading Hey, Disrupt Happens.