Hustle and Flow: Pt 1 (Flow)

“One needs hustle in order to flow, however too much hustle can really cramp the style of the flow. But a flow without hustle reaps no reward.”

-Urban Dictionary definition

I am in the middle of reading The Power of Pull by John Hagel et al. It is a book I have had for a while, waiting for the right moment to read. It’s now.

However, I was first impacted by it much earlier. Thomas Friedman reviewed it in the New York Times (12-Oct, 2011), and the idea of f-l-o-w hooked me.

From the Friedman article:

“…the Big Shift also unleashes a huge global flow of ideas, innovation, new collaborative possibilities and new market opportunities. The flow is constantly getting richer and faster. Today…tapping the global flow becomes the key to productivity, growth and prosperity. But to tap this flow effectively, every country, company and individual needs to be constantly growing their talents.”

Flow and growth. It has been on my mind ever since, so much so that I even included it on my prototype personal brand infographic/resume:


Flow is an idea, an embrace. Many, many people, stuck, have been waiting for their whole lives. It has scooped them up and catapulted them forward. I am one of them. Flow has been a side-of-the-desk project for me for 2 years. Now, I am embracing it further.

Flow is at the heart of the This Much We Know model:

  • Be ready to create the future of work;
  • Sponsor flow in the enterprise using social / network theory;
  • (Re)Invent and ready your brand for the new tomorrow;
  • Cultivate curiosity as a muscle to manage change.

Flow is one half of the equation. We are open-minded, prepared, learning, growing. Then, we need to make shit happen. We need to deliver that potential future. We need to hustle (pt 2).

This Much We Know

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