Working Out Loud Using My Voice

International Working Out Loud Week #WOLweek was inopportune this time around: it happened to straddle a trip home to visit family and a couple of days of intense office visits in the UK around which was only travel. Throw in a … Continue reading Working Out Loud Using My Voice

A Conversation About “Social”: Technology and People and Working Out Loud #WOLyo!

I am giving a quick ‘n’ dirty keynote at the IABC/BC – CPRS Vancouver joint Christmas shindig this week. As the topic suggests, I decided to work out loud on it on twitter, and collate it all together in a … Continue reading A Conversation About “Social”: Technology and People and Working Out Loud #WOLyo!

#PKyvr33 Close Out: It Was All Worth It, From Beginning To End

SO, we are done and done. The pecha has been kuched, so to speak. It took a couple of weeks of thinking, iterating, practicing, culling, worrying, and letting go to get it done. It ended like this, in front of around 1000 people The whole process from start to finish was highly enjoyable. There is nothing quite like seeing the work come together before your very eyes, alongside the learning. Double whammy. This is the storify of the process of working out loud on a pecha kucha about working out loud. It got a bit meta, but I just about … Continue reading #PKyvr33 Close Out: It Was All Worth It, From Beginning To End

#PKyvr33 Day 11: Visuals

When it comes to visuals, giant full-screen images with a large transparent overlay and capitalized headers seems to be the order of the day. Pecha Kucha is maybe 60% visual(?) so I should spend quality time on getting the right set together, and determine any rhythm I want to insert into proceedings. At work we have been doing some rebranding work, and are iterating a common approach so all our powerpoint users can update their decks, so I have been looking at 100s of design ideas recently. In my own amateur, beta works it is a bit more hit and … Continue reading #PKyvr33 Day 11: Visuals

#PKyvr33 Day 9: Hashtags As Memes

Yesterday, I shared that I want to create a few opportunities for memories for the audience. I find #Hashtags as a useful synthesis of an idea – to focus MY attention, so that I might focus others’. I can rattle on about this and that, but the constraint of pecha kucha forces behaviour, and it might be the most important area to focus on, assuming the content itself is worthy of presenting… So, here is a working list of hashtags I am using to synthesize the presentation process: #WorkLife: Share something grounded very much in the daily experience of work … Continue reading #PKyvr33 Day 9: Hashtags As Memes

#PKyvr33 Day 5: Talk About What You Know + What You Think #WOLweek #WOLyo

Working out loud is a call to action: don’t leave your genius on a hard drive, or in this hard drive <taps forehead>, share it. Start with wondering: How can I help? Then #unSquirrel something. When I worked under the stairs I presented 10 Pecha Kuchas in 5 days. Some of the content I could do in my sleep, other topics I am NOT an expert on, but I have a perspective on – one that is not heard much ’round here. Maybe that perspective can help? SURE it can. Let’s WOLyo! I presented on the following topics, (with some colour … Continue reading #PKyvr33 Day 5: Talk About What You Know + What You Think #WOLweek #WOLyo

#PKyvr33 Day 4: Permission To Be Human #WOLyo #WOLweek

I don’t talk a lot about work, or my TMWK focus, when I am home. Family life is busy enough – there is nary a moment for open discussion. This weekend, though, Lori and I went out for dinner and to the cinema, so we had a chance to talk about #PKyvr33, and about the blog. Lori claims to read all the posts, and she gave me some lovely, simple feedback that is prescient to the #PKyvr33 process of explaining what the hell I did under the stairs at work for a week. I made a few notes on my … Continue reading #PKyvr33 Day 4: Permission To Be Human #WOLyo #WOLweek

#PKyvr33 Day 2: Initial Notes #WOLyo!

I am presenting a pecha kucha about working out loud (and on presenting 10 pecha kucha in a week) at Pecha Kucha Vancouver Ed. 33.  This is the share of how it happens, laid out to be seen. You are welcome. I am using #PKyvr33 as a collation / curation tool. I get complexity and emergence. Really smart people can explain complexity and emergence. Me? I just get it. I work that way. I dip a toe; I iterate. I try things out. I fail (and slough it off like a snake’s skin.) This blog is my mechanism to deal … Continue reading #PKyvr33 Day 2: Initial Notes #WOLyo!