Prosper In The Future Of Work: Know When To Stop (Lowering Your Standards) #14Actions

Creating videos is cheaper than ever, and they are shorter than ever too. Technology has changed the prices, user demand has changed the length. (Technical) Quality matters less than audience impact. The corporate video is no longer about packaging over all else. We are here to tell stories, just like the rest of the world the rest of the time. The net result is quick’n’dirty content.

More on that, here.

However, you need to know where to draw the line. My own line was redrawn when he brought in talented interns from the SIAT school at SFU. Using prosumer technology and applying their technical skills and their narrative eye, we get RESULTS! Results that mean moving the goalposts, realigning our approach, redefining the minimum viable video product.

Suddenly, standards are rising again, but not the cost. The image above is the kit we gave our intern to go video one of our teams off-site. A one man production unit of talent.

It is all good – this regular stressing of the input:output equation allows us to understand what we can achieve. Instead of judging ourselves on the past quality, we look to the future saying: “There is a new standard, and a new requirement that we expect a team member to achieve.” For those who want to deliver results, that is all they need to hear.

This is one of #14Actions to manage the new normal…

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