About TMWK

At This Much We Know, well, we know ←this much→. Not everything, by a long shot. But we know stuff: In the last 15+ years, I have been trusted to drive brand outcomes through creativity, content and culture.

This has included investigating, experimenting, deploying and leading strategic projects around brand and culture development, social technology, digital transformation, organizational effectiveness, employee and stakeholder engagement, content marketing, and personal branding.

Most of these services fall under a progressive definition of MarComms. Sometimes, I refer to myself as a Corporate Disorganizer, someone

“who can introduce a little ‘organized chaos’, act more like a start-up, innovate and tap into new systems of the collaborative economy.”

(Fast Company definition)

My main services architecture revolves around these concepts:

Approach work(place) opportunities with optimism. Stimulate and coach colleagues and partners to stretch for more. Constantly grow and help talent to be ready for what’s next.

Work at velocity: speed with direction. Leverage skills and technology to execute at scale. Connect everything: map big picture requirements to culture, tactics, and outputs as organizational fixer.

Ready talent and the brand for the future of work by sponsoring creative tension. Implement and iterate edge ideas to drive emergent brand outcomes.

Specific services and coaching:

  • Narrative architecture: investigation, development, deployment
  • Culture diagnostics: surveys, leadership expectations, EVP
  • Social technology: enablement, leverage, (post-COVID) workplace norms
  • Engagement / OE: pulse surveys, enterprise social networks
  • Social media: content, plans, audits
  • COVID communications: calendars, content
  • Content approaches: video, podcast, writing, ESN, blog, vlog, social media, web
  • Content plans: development, execution
  • Storytelling: articulation, workshops, execution, always F.R.E.S.H.
  • Corporate branding: narratives, manifestos, straplines
  • Personal branding: remarkability, stories, workplace and job-seeking approaches
  • The Future of Work: WFH techniques, post-COVID workplace norms development

The curious will inherit the world. How can I help?