Prosper In The Future Of Work: Lower Your Standards #14Actions

Seven years ago, we spent $10,000 on a nice corporate video, 2 camera, lights, make-up – ACTION! Intense 10 minute videos that no-one watched to the end. (main image above).

Five years ago, we spent $3000 on the same type of video, one camera, HD, a little post-production wizardry. Seven-minutes max yo! BOOM!

Three years ago, we gave some senior leaders flipcams and asked them to do their own recording, take plenty of footage and we worked out the 3-minute narrative in post-production. The CEO is on board – sweet! (inset image above)

Two years ago we used iPhones all round. 90-second videos are the new norm. We can legitimately ask that people spare a few seconds to watch.

This year we aim for 60-second visual narratives with musical crescendo. Who needs people talking?!

Agencies don’t like to hear it; and leaders prefer it be different, snobby communicators too, but we don’t need high standards in our storytelling production – just high standards in our storytelling.

We need to make it relevant to the audience, simple to apply, scaleable and sustainable. Quick’n’dirty, all day long. It is all any of us need these days.

Well, that is, until the intern turned up. That’s a story for another day. Tomorrow’s #14Actions is about knowing when to stop.

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