Dis!Organize Ep. 85: Small Pieces, Loosely Joined.

Dave Weinberger co-wrote the Cluetrain Manifesto, which introduced us to the network economy, through which disorganizers emerge from the hierarchy in their power.  Weinberger also wrote a book about a unified theory of the web called Small Pieces, Loosely Joined, but really, … Continue reading Dis!Organize Ep. 85: Small Pieces, Loosely Joined.

Manifestos…To Understand: The Cloud Revolution

Early on in the blog, I wrote a few posts about manifestos that proved quite popular. I reviewed them at the end of the year with this thought: People like directions. Me too. I like simple, evocative calls-to-action; they stir the Head-Heart-Hand. Manifestos drive conversation – it is not necessarily about believing everything in them; but using them as a riff / filter for your own thoughts and ideas. In the interim, I have found a few more manifestos. Let’s continue the series, and also continue to use them to riff on our own thoughts and ideas… I discovered The Cloud … Continue reading Manifestos…To Understand: The Cloud Revolution

The #SocBiz Dogme Manifesto

Researching this series of posts on modern art and social business, I revisited a post I wrote about the Dogme manifesto (and its relationship to other manifestos). One portion seemed particularly apropos to the journey of social / networked business many of us are on. Herein extracted: Festen, the original Dogme film, was an utter delight to me. I believed “I could do that!” and I could (at least from a technical perspective, notwithstanding my lack of creative genius.) Similar to the Incomplete Manifesto for Growth, Dogme says do not (over)embellish. Just do it. Like the Passionate Creative Worker, it says blaze new trails; never settle. The Cult of Done Manifesto says … Continue reading The #SocBiz Dogme Manifesto

Signs That #TheFutureOfWork Is Upon Us: Side Projects

The Cluetrain Manifesto told us “All markets are conversations.” My guess is that all employment contracts will be the same – a series of conversations between supplier and buyer. As supplier of services, I will have multiple buyers – some serious, consistent, at scale; others transient, partial, fleeting. Many websites are reprazentin‘ freelancers’ rights and pontificating on their future righteousness, as they take over the world with their nimble, transferable skillsets and deep networking. So I liked seeing this newcomer to the realm: Side Racket. Acknowledging and embracing that the most natural way for someone to move from employee to … Continue reading Signs That #TheFutureOfWork Is Upon Us: Side Projects

#WorkHacks – Socialize

This one is simple. The Cluetrain Manifesto got it dead right 15 years ago: “All markets are conversations.” It will be several more years before all businesses understand this, but why not get ahead of the curve and get involved? Blog, tweet, share, converse, research. Build a deeper network of contacts, experts, (non) believers. Develop your perspective, challenge your own orthodoxy. This is the nature of social… How do you ‘do social’? Think of the social space as ‘small pieces, loosely joined.’ Deliver ‘many lightweight interactions over time‘ to manage attention. Understand that social opportunities are available for ‘everyone, anytime, everywhere, … Continue reading #WorkHacks – Socialize

Public Dreams; Social Business…

There are two local festivals I enjoy the most of Vancouver’s myriad cultural offerings: Public Dream’s Illuminares and the Powell St. Festival. After last night’s Illuminares I was reflecting on what exactly I find so satisfying about a simple lantern festival in a local park. It is not the thing / topic itself – lanterns last night, Japanese culture in two weeks on Powell Street – but the fact that they are social in nature. They are put on for us – both events are organized and curated by wonderful organizations – but they are enhanced by us. For every … Continue reading Public Dreams; Social Business…