My Latest Intern Talent Learning Moment

Last night I attended the SFU #SIATmixer, where employers, graduates and students of the SIAT school can meet’n’greet. As a long-term supporter of the SIAT talent, I like to tag along and speak to a couple of people and feel … Continue reading My Latest Intern Talent Learning Moment

Attitude > Talent. Ready For #TheFutureOfWork

Yesterday, I wrote about the risk knowledge workers have to stay relevant in the face of computerisation. They must invest in new creative and social skills and move up the value chain where computers are yet to tread. What does this embrace of change and constant learning take? Is it talent? Well, talent ain’t no bad thing. But what really counts is attitude. An embrace of change and the opportunity it affords (which might be survival…) will get you far. As usual, Seth Godin has prescient advice: An organization filled with honest, motivated, connected, eager, learning, experimenting, ethical and driven … Continue reading Attitude > Talent. Ready For #TheFutureOfWork

Farewell Guru, Hello Awesome.

When someone calls themselves a social media guru / ninja etc. I puke up in my mouth a little. Just sayin’. The great Guru boom is over — Benedict Evans (@benedictevans) November 27, 2013 So I liked seeing this graphic on the death knell of the guru in job postings. Thank you, and good night, gurus everywhere. But what is this? Instead, the rise of the AWESOME! Oh, dear. As an Englishman, I used to use terms such as brilliant, wonderful, excellent. Now, living in N. America I use awesome, which, as my trusty source reference Urban Dictionary confirms, … Continue reading Farewell Guru, Hello Awesome.

Hiring Advice For Finding A Job In The Social Business Era

I’m hiring, and I’m learning a lot about the state of the (MarComms) job seeker marketplace in the process. I wrote this to applicants as a (hopefully) helpful poke and prod. Hello. We HEART You. Firstly, thanks for applying for our job in the MarComms team. I appreciate it – the effort and hassle; the putting-yourself-out-there-ness. Now, enough heart. Let’s share some thinking about how we roll at. In no particular order… Some #FoodForThought By now, I hope you have seen the video The Old-But-Not-Quite-Dead-To-Us Brian made for you. If not, it’s here, in all its moustachioed, ironic, hipster glory: … Continue reading Hiring Advice For Finding A Job In The Social Business Era

20 Things 20 (Somethings) Don’t Get – Forbes

I am hiring #TheNewBrian. There are a few recommendations I have for people trying to establish themselves in MarComms. The most fundamental one is: Work Hard(er). When you have few other responsibilities (family, mortgage etc.) then just give it your all, and not just at work, but around work. Perform during office hours, but read, research, hyperlink all the time. It will move you ahead of your cohort and, indeed, your leaders double-quick. This article from Jason Nazar on Forbes – 20 Things 20-Year-Olds Don’t Get – Forbes – is chock-full of relevant advice for that person seeking, expecting, hoping, planning for success. … Continue reading 20 Things 20 (Somethings) Don’t Get – Forbes

Intern Alert! 11 Reasons He Will Not Hire You…

Magical slideshare from Mark O’Toole, and I concur with them all: We have too many applicants who have done too little to showcase their skills in social media, when there are ZERO barriers to entry. Boo. Here’s what I said about it before, echoing the above presentation. Luckily, we have had great people too, like Kitty Chan and Lillian Chow. Hooray. ←This Much We Know.→ Continue reading Intern Alert! 11 Reasons He Will Not Hire You…

Diary of a Reflective Employer…

I was hiring recently for a social business intern. This is what I shared with the co-op faculty and student base after the fact… *********************** Where I work, we have a rolling intern position for a smart, dynamic, activated student to help us with MarComms projects covering social business (social media metrics, channel management and maintenance, research), design (websites, infographics, branding), creative work (video editing, writing), small-scale communications project management. The reason we turn to an intern is the hope / expectation that their ongoing experience in the social domain as a digital native can stimulate our approach to work. … Continue reading Diary of a Reflective Employer…