Prosper In The Future Of Work: CHIEF Conversation Starter #14Actions

The great thing about being curious, and happy to deal with ambiguity? You have plenty of things to talk about, plenty of questions to ask, plenty of perspective. My guess is that there is never a dull moment when you are around. You are a conversationalist.

A communicator’s life is often behind the scenes, crafting and cajoling on behalf of others. This “skill”, though, is increasingly useless. The social imperative today is to speak – in your own voice, in real time too. There is no time for crafting, and barely a need either – provided you speak authentically, possibly even as a human being, rather than in corporatespeak.

So what is a communicator to do? Speak, spark. Be a conversation starter.

David Williamson Shaffer says that we need to make space for conversations in order to be creative.

“Creativity is a conversation – a tension – between individuals working on individual problems and the professional communities they belong to.”


Conversations aren’t trivial. Culture is reinforced by shared conversations and understanding.

Euan SempleOrganizations Don’t Tweet, People Do

Culture does not get created or reformed or influenced through rote corporatespeak. It happens through interaction and discourse. It is an agreed outcome amongst impacted parties. You had better be one of the voices in the mix, or else – what are you there for?!

This is part 3 of #14Actions.

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