I Have Changed My Job Title To…Corporate Disorganizer.

Recently, I added the job title “Intrapreneur” to my LinkedIn profile. It speaks to my belief that the future of work is changing underfoot. We need to be nimble, upskilling, influencers all.

In yesterday’s post I wrote “[of my interest in]  Joseph Schumpeter‘s definition of entrepreneurship: creative destruction. Peter Drucker said the entrepreneur upsets and disorganizes.”

So, imagine my delight to read this Fast Co. article today on 8 New Jobs People Will Have In 2025, and specifically number 6: Corporate Disorganizer

Big companies want to be more like startups, seeing innovation as vital to future profits. Young says they’ll want “corporate disorganizers” who can introduce a little “organized chaos.” Young says: “The disruptor will be tapping into the new systems of the collaborative economy, creating greater fragmentation and a more distributed ecosystem.”

job title

BOOM! Part of my personal brand is sponsoring creative tension. This is the job for me. LinkedIn profile – updated!

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