Teach Me Something I Don’t Know

Apparently, this is how Sergey Brin conducts job interviews according to Fast Company.

Teach me something I don’t know.” Put on the spot, interviewees

“…sort of look at you funny and think for a minute, and then their eyes just light up. And they tell you about something they’re passionate about. And something they feel confident about enough to teach someone else.”

Work is learning and learning is the work, says Harold Jarche, and I agree. Much of that learning needs to self-directed, in a world awash with data. But some can be curated by others, and who better than those who work on the same projects, who are (hopefully) moving in the same direction, who have shared outcomes?

We need to teach each other, more openly, more consciously, more generously. Working out loud can be a large part of this teaching. Letting people see our inner workings can often be enough of a spur / challenge. Supplement this with more direct invitations to share and cooperate.

The special sauce of work culture is not magic dust – it is the act of people moving towards others, and then setting out together on common journeys. It is the University of Life, where teaching and learning is happening all the time.

So, tell me something I don’t know.

For reference purposes only…←This Much I Know.→


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