Week 8: Care and attention. ADULTS ONLY.

You may have heard that cannabis edibles are now legal in Canada – the first products hit the stores in December. The most commonly expected edible mechanism seems to be ‘gummies.’

Incredible care and attention goes into the development, packaging and marketing of products so as to demarcate cannabis products as ‘different’. They should not be cute, ‘child friendly.’

The packaging looks like medical products with a ton of warnings over the child proof packaging.

So, no-one should be using gummy pictures to discuss this topic (see snag of a recent headline). This is serious work. We refer to ‘chewables’ – products will not be shaped like bears.

However, hysteria is just around any corner. We need to be calm and consistent in our approach to the topic and the category.

I like the Aurora edibles education website: “Edibles are coming and they’re not for kids. ADULTS ONLY.”

Let’s ensure we have an adult conversation about new products with new social impacts, and let’s not entice the kids – or scare their parents. hashtag #NoToBears

This Much We Know.

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