I Am Future-Of-Work-Proofing Myself. How You Doin’?

I say a variation of this statement a lot:

the future of work is coming fast, it will kick me in the air, eat me alive and spit me out, trample me underfoot, and generally make me obsolete, a sad, whimpering, pathetic shell of a man.

You get the point.

So, I am doing something about it. This blog is one of the mechanisms of continued relevance. Some online networking and chewing of the fat with the great and the good of the #FutureOfWork movement is another. Even some local IRL networking is underway, a real first for me.

I am developing my brand narrative so when the world is ready is for me in a new role, we can jump together, hand in hand, laughing hysterically.

Here are 20 jobs that don’t yet much exist, but will. I could probably do 5 of them, and I am already doing one of the them. For a geezer in his mid-40s, that makes me ready for that future of work. How you doin’?

More on flaneuring; and MUCH more on curiosity.

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