We Are In An Age Of Accelerated Disruption

To conclude these last few posts on organizational change on the role of individuals to disrupt and disorganize, another extract from this excellent summary of accelerated disruption in Forbes.

Disruption At Scale.

“Not only does modern social media/tech allow disruptors to collaborate, it also allows them the ability to disrupt/collaborate to or with the masses, at scale; all the while engaging, interacting and building relationships. Therefore the return on that empowers their ability to disrupt.”

Companies are now more accepting of change – some are even making hiring decisions and investing in change.  Our accelerated pace to address the needs of an ever changing market and ever changing customer means that organizations are now more amenable to the disruptor.  Has their time come? Don’t worry; they’ll let you know.

Thank goodness – there is a time and place for me.  What about you?

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