#WorkHacks – Get Some Hustle

I have written about hustle before. Just as you need to get into the flow of ideas and networks, you need some hustle to strike when the opportunity arises. Hustle and flow is a great combination of attributes to possess – and is a basic tenet of the TMWK Manifesto.

Hustle is a (much more) natural state of readiness for Millennials. According to a 2012 US Chamber of Commerce Foundation report, 27% of Millennials are self-employed, but a whopping 90% say entrepreneurship is a mindset, not an actual role. They expect to be treated like freelancers even as employees; 58% expect the standard workday to go away,

“Owner” is the fifth most popular job title for Gen-Yers because they are an entrepreneurial generation. 

In times of accelerating change, this entrepreneurship / intrapreneurship is highly relevant. Remember, Joseph Schumpeter defined it as creative destruction; Peter Drucker declared “the entrepreneur upsets and disorganizes.”

So, Millennials are ready for the future, for disruption and (creative) destruction. Indeed, they will introduce it. They have some hustle. Is the rest of the workforce ready to respond in turn?

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