COVID Diaries: Week 9


In March COVID times (y’know, back in the day), friends reported that work was crazy, and hours were long. I chilled at home, reading and writing, keeping a low profile.

In the last week, I decided to dip my toe back into the network to see where people’s collective head was at. I am using this downtime to reflect, learn and grow, to prepare. Much of that I can do alone, via the interwebs. There are plenty COVID articles swilling around, and a few nuggets of insight I am squirreling away.

But it is through people, alongside people, that we prosper. I asked my hivemind: can you Zoom? What have you learned, who is leading, how can I help?

About half said, along the lines of, I HAVE NO TIME TO BREATHE! Roger, that. Be well, friends.

Others shared their time generously. People needed to vent, or to reflect. I caught up, I learned (more to follow). Surprisingly many were optimistic and determined to use this time for positive change – often through a career change. Others were enjoying an extended break from the rigours of the outside world.


Now that I am back in the network and “meeting” people, I need to blow the cobwebs off my Google calendar. Synching Zoom and Google is taking me a bit of time. I have sat on too many Zoom calls on my own awaiting a friend to ‘enter the room’ only to discover I am in an entirely different room than them, thinking “Is the issue me or them? Am I in the right place?”

It seems my bureaucratic skills have atrophied quickly.

Good Art

To complement last week’s Bad Art, fortunately Zoe has been producing Good Art. We had an exhibition in the front garden at the weekend; neighbours, friends, passersby dropped by to enjoy.

We married the art with some descriptions from Zoe – it is this act that enables others to best say “Yes!” They understand using different senses, emotionally and intellectually. It was a learning experience for Zoe to understand that layers are required, that there is always more work to do.

This Much We Know.

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