Professional Disruptor

Apropos yesterday’s post on calling myself a Corporate Disorganizer, via Celine Schillinger I read this lovely little collation of the tendencies of a Professional Disruptor. from SAP’s Head of Social Strategy, Ted Wilms. Example quotes:

A professional disruptor will arm themselves with the following: charisma, empathy, expertise/insight, doggedness, detachment (to defend against the attack of their ideas), and passion.


The status quo will resist the disruptor. Resistance is necessary.  It helps the disruptor frame their ideas and helps them showcase why real change is necessary.

gapingvoid spots the monster in the room...
gapingvoid spots the monster in the room…

YES!. Full of high-five nuggets of goodness for anyone trying to do different in the workplace. Recommend.

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