#WorkHacks – Put Yourself First

The change agent extraordinaire  Joachim Stroh shared this beautiful, evocative graphic, saying:

“It’s about you, but you’re not the only bee in the hive; the further you expand the more you grow.

Joachim Stroh
Joachim Stroh

Putting yourself first is not about ego, not about me-me-me. No. It is about moving out into the world with conviction and self-awareness, to confirm to others ‘This is how I add value.’

Indeed, success for most of us comes not from individual brilliance, but from moving within, and asking help from, a community of supporters:

“… individual expertise did not distinguish people as high performers. What distinguished high performers were larger and more diversified personal networks.” – Rob Cross, The Hidden Power of Social Networks

It is the right thing to go for what you want, to look for the place where you add the most value. Good things happen once you give yourself permission to have that.

It has worked for me, as I develop and share my personal brand. It allows me to manifest as a corporate disorganizer, a creative intrapreneur, as well as a director of corporate communications. The only person’s permission I asked for was my own.

Sure there’s an ‘i’ in ‘team.’

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