Dis!Organize Ep.0: The ABCDEs of a Corporate Disorganizer.

Let’s get ready for the Future of Work.

A few years ago, I read a Fast Company article about the kinds of jobs people might have in 2025.

One in particular caught my eye: a Corporate Disorganizer, someone “who can introduce a little ‘organized chaos’, act more like a start-up, innovate and tap into new systems of the collaborative economy.”


Does that sound like you too?

I started using a different job title that day, to better express the ‘edge stuff’ I was doing at work. Since then, I have learned a lot, and I have the bruises to prove it. 

And now I am going to share it all with you –
The ABCDEs of a Corporate Disorganizer: 
99 Actions, Bits and Bytes (knowledge), Concepts, Definitions, and Encouragements.

Each one, in 60 seconds.

Here is Episode 0:

In COVID-times, there is even more urgency for us to experiment with new ways of working, showcase our leadership and growth mindset, and earn the trust of our colleagues. We need to support each other.

Follow along over the next few months. And please offer feedback for the process #AlwaysBeLearning. The easiest way is to:

There are always 99 problems (but we aren’t one of them). We’re going to find the solutions for our workplace challenges. We’re going to Dis!Organize.

This Much We Know.

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