Want Intrapreneurial Progress? Create ‘Cracks And Leaps’

I am newly taken with the definition of entrepreneurship from Joseph Schumpeter: creative destruction. Peter Drucker said the entrepreneur upsets and disorganizes.

I am trying to apply the same notion inside the organization, even calling myself an intrapreneur.

Consequently, this Schumpeter column in The Economist on entrepreneurs rang a bell:

Joseph Schumpeter once argued that economic progress takes place in “cracks” and “leaps” rather than “infinitesimal small steps” because it is driven by rule-breaking entrepreneurs.

“Entrepreneurs are contrarian value creators. They see economic value where others see heaps of nothing,” the article cites.

Inside the organization, intrapreneurs do the same thing. They inject creative tension and this tension can create the necessary cracks and leaps of progress. This process beats small steps. Every time. YES.

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