Sometimes, I Am A Mad, Drunk Uncle At A Wedding

Sometimes, you just gotta shake it out. Shoot from the hip. Shout from the rooftops. Tell everyone: I LOVE you, no I MEAN it, I fuckin’ love yer.


At work, perhaps not so much. However, there is that role to be played (successfully, meaningfully) in your organization, one that is:

  • ill-thought through,
  • stream of consciousness,
  • almost transcendental in nature.
  • Off-the-wall
  • frown-inducing
  • the harbinger of eye-rolls all round

I am the mad, drunk uncle at a wedding

mad drunk uncleI call it the mad, drunk uncle at a wedding role. Everyone tolerates him, you cannot NOT invite him, you just hope he doesn’t heckle the speeches or worse, that he grabs the mic and sets off on a tangential ramble that makes uncomfortable reference to how attractive the bride looked in a bikini on a family holiday many years previously.

But, mad, and drunk, as he is, you still love the blighter. You shake your head, pat him on the back, and say ‘see you next time!’

Now, apply this approach to work. How might that meandering conversation ADD VALUE?! (No, not that one, I mean one taken out of context from your own working environment…)

Another way of talking about the mad, drunk uncle is thinking about creative tension. Sometimes, not always, but sometimes, and with the permission and support of your cohort, go in the opposite direction to everyone else. Declare something different, antagonistic, plain weird. See where it takes you. It will be good for you all.

Cheers! I’ll have another snifter. Hic. Make it a double.

The other ways I show up:

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