I Want My Team To Have A Fulfilled Life, But I Cannot Be Arsed To Do Anything About It.

I have some good conversations and reads about this article – Why You Hate Work. One of the common outcomes is the observation that leaders should hire people smarter than them, and then get out of their way. I concur … Continue reading I Want My Team To Have A Fulfilled Life, But I Cannot Be Arsed To Do Anything About It.

Personal Brand: Get One To Help And To Get Help

One revelation of the process of researching and activating personal branding, for me, has been a turnaround in perspective about HELP.

I have always been loath to ask for help. Always thought I could do it myself (fool!). Tied up with this is an idea that the main reason to talk about yourself is to network hard and get into people’s rolodexes / contacts so that you can pick them off one by one and ask for the help. Some childhood stuff going on there probably, but here’s the Aha!

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Fiendish Child: What We Have For Lunch Matters

The ability to socialize – communicate, build a network, prosper with people of all persuasions – is an ability that all young people do not have, apparently.

They are stuck behind screens of various dimensions and mobility! They are playing video games for 30 hours A DAY! They are all flaming and trolling innocent others and punishing all and sundry with nary a thought for hurt and shame! They have lost the ability to speak and have grown massive thumbs with which they grab the world and shake it…

All of it nonsense.

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3 Things I Learned From Being An Anonymous Enterprise Troll

Four years ago, before “social” was a thing inside my company, I tried a few things out. One of them was an anonymous blog on the crappy old intranet in which I gently, but directly, skewered various big personalities and important people in the organization, through the voice of The Pundit.

The Pundit always referred to The Pundit in the third person. The Pundit was self-important and zealous, convinced of The Pundit‘s rectitude. The Pundit antagonized and poked colleagues throughout the world, trying to galvanize social discourse and watercooler chat that was visible to all. The Pundit was very edgy, a satirical representation of the back channel protagonists and gossip mongers that patrol the office corridors.

The Pundit, unsurprisingly, was a highly divisive character – hierarchy killing hero to some, rude and ridiculous troll to others.

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#PKyvr33 Day 15: Me And Us. Us Is More Important.

Following on from yesterday’s post about Duarte’s ‘what is…’, ‘what could be…’ presentation rhythm, I moved a few slides around and think I have a decent rhythm that balances the content between me – what I did – and us – what is going on in the world. I see that some of the narrative is about me – what I did, working out loud. And some of the slides are about what is possible – explanation, opportunity, invitation. This is the meat on the bone, what I hope some people take away. This is about us. It goes something … Continue reading #PKyvr33 Day 15: Me And Us. Us Is More Important.

#PKyvr33 Day 9: Hashtags As Memes

Yesterday, I shared that I want to create a few opportunities for memories for the audience. I find #Hashtags as a useful synthesis of an idea – to focus MY attention, so that I might focus others’. I can rattle on about this and that, but the constraint of pecha kucha forces behaviour, and it might be the most important area to focus on, assuming the content itself is worthy of presenting… So, here is a working list of hashtags I am using to synthesize the presentation process: #WorkLife: Share something grounded very much in the daily experience of work … Continue reading #PKyvr33 Day 9: Hashtags As Memes

#PKyvr33 Day 8: Creating A Memory Or Three

One of the pecha kuchas presentations I gave under the stairs was The Power of 3: that when you present, the best you can hope for is that people might remember three things you have to offer; that if you break down the flow into threes, there is a rhythm – a chunking process – that allows your audience to record data into their short-term memory. So, a pecha kucha with 20 slides, with the opportunity to share 20 points, with 20 images…what are the few chunks I hope others record? What would I hope that people take forward as … Continue reading #PKyvr33 Day 8: Creating A Memory Or Three

#PKyvr33 Day 6: Just How Meta Can I Get? #WOLweek #WOLyo

Somehow, during #PKyvr33, I want to get this idea across, because I both like and despise how meta I get sometimes… This is a (pecha kucha) PK about my (working out loud experiment) WOLyo which included PKs, including one on PK; and one on WOL. Additionally, this PK was built using WOL (#PKyvr33) Is the idea that I have cubed the process? Or has WOL eaten itself? ←This Much We Know.→ Continue reading #PKyvr33 Day 6: Just How Meta Can I Get? #WOLweek #WOLyo