Beta Learning: Download App, Press Record, Mutter Hmmmmmm

Hyperlapse is the latest and greatest. Just a couple of days after I had a conversation about Microsoft’s upcoming reveal of an image stabilisation tool with @The_Solimonster – my genius creative tech colleague –  Instagram has one in production, a single use app.

My first Hyperlapse should have had this as a centrepiece – instead, it was a fade to black…

Is it something that will change my (video making) life? Just maybe. In the world of 6-second Vines, some sped up camera work might make ALL THE DIFFERENCE. Or not. Still, let’s see.

  • Download app – check.
  • Press record – check.
  • Change speed of capture up and down – check.
  • Looks good, press OK – check.
  • Load to FB / Instagram – oh, ummm, no “save for later” – hmmmm.
  • Lose file to camera roll – oh, ok.
  • Later…
  • Open Vine (preferred video app of choice), upload video file – check.
  • Edit file, click ok – check.
  • Vine video uploads as black, with sound intact – fail.


New plan of attack required:

  • Start using Instagram properly – maybe.
  • Get better at making immediate video editing choices live – probably.
  • Keep searching for the tools that change my life / make my work better, every day  – definitely.

This is #futureOfWork work played out live, every day, in the creative arts. It keeps me young and hungry, and sometimes makes me feel old and tired!

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