I Want My Team To Have A Fulfilled Life, But I Cannot Be Arsed To Do Anything About It.

I have some good conversations and reads about this article – Why You Hate Work. One of the common outcomes is the observation that leaders should hire people smarter than them, and then get out of their way. I concur – I do it all the time, well, except when…

See, there is too much doublespeak from leaders:

On the one hand we say to our teams “you own your own career development” – i.e. I empower you on the things that I don’t want to contribute to as a leader.

Then, on the other hand…”where is the report, what are you doing, why did you make a mistake?” – i.e. micromanagement on the things that matter to me as a leader.

This is picked up in the article: I want my colleagues to have a fulfilled life, but I cannot be arsed to do anything about it.


If leaders really do want to co-create positive work environments, then they need to take some risks. They need to transcend their old modality. They need to really believe that their team is smarter than them…


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