TL;DR: The TMWK Blog Is A 2-min Read

This is a 2-minute read.

Medium blog reads are augmented by a x-minute length byline. It had better be a good ‘un if it wants to be 7-minutes + long and read by me.

Harold Jarche wrote last week about small thoughts, loosely joined, and that works just fine for me – it is how the TMWK blog operates.

Jarche cautions against simplifying our thoughts too much. I approach it by addressing just a few themes, and they are investigated regularly, lightly, and joined through links and tags and blog series.

The content is dip-in, dip-out; perhaps even garbage-in, garbage-out. Whatever. I embrace the TL;DR dialetic: too long; didn’t read. Life is too short to read most content; I prefer grazing on most of it – and set aside some time for the heavyweights who deserve more attention.

I do not pretend to be one of those, I know my place, and my advantage – meme investigations. I am pushing to a more visual place so I shorten it even further. The journey is ongoing, and shortening all the time.

←This Much We Know.→

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