Personal Brand: Get One To Help And To Get Help

One revelation of the process of researching and activating personal branding, for me, has been a turnaround in perspective about HELP.

I have always been loath to ask for help. Always thought I could do it myself (fool!). Tied up with this is an idea that the main reason to talk about yourself is to network hard and get into people’s rolodexes / contacts so that you can pick them off one by one and ask for the help. Some childhood stuff going on there probably, but here’s the Aha!

Telling your story for others to understand is so that you can help them more, so they can ask you for assistance! Oh. Idiot. It only took me 40 years to work that one out.

Once you can help others, the conversation shifts gears, and things start to happen. You are on the front foot, feeling light, sensing the potential of tomorrow.

Your brand postulates how YOU – and only you – can help. There is a market for that thing you do. It is a lucrative one – in that someone, many people, will say to you: Thank you.

And that’s what it’s all about, people!

Now, for sure, the world is a mean, lean place, and we have to hustle harder to make sense of it and be successful in it. So your personal brand will help you be successful. But when you come from a place of giving, of sharing your gifts – wow, the world looks a different place.

So, what is your story? Who are you? How can you help? The TMWK BrandBoard process is a methodology to unlock your value, to begin a new narrative in your life so you can go quantum. You should consider it.

Lots more on Personal Branding here; and BrandBoards here.



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