#PKyvr33 Day 15: Me And Us. Us Is More Important.

Following on from yesterday’s post about Duarte’s ‘what is…’, ‘what could be…’ presentation rhythm, I moved a few slides around and think I have a decent rhythm that balances the content between me – what I did – and us – what is going on in the world.

I see that some of the narrative is about me – what I did, working out loud. And some of the slides are about what is possible – explanation, opportunity, invitation. This is the meat on the bone, what I hope some people take away. This is about us.

from a great presentation on the future of organization from Philip Sheldrake

It goes something like this:

  1. What is..This is me
  2. What could be…Working out loud
  3. What is..I worked out loud under the stairs
  4. What could be…we focus on saving info; we need to share more.
  5. What is..I share low-hanging fruit, stuff.
  6. What could be…asking How can I help?…helps!
  7. What is..I presented 10 pecha kucha in a week.
  8. What could be…changing the world might be as simple as meeting one person where they are.
  9. What is..like Fred, who saved me from an empty auditorium
  10. What could be…Rumsfeld’s unknown unknowns are in play
  11. What could be…working at the edge of complexity, where work is learning and learning is the work.
  12. What is..I became discombobulated, as you do.
  13. What could be…working out loud is not being egotistical
  14. What could be…it is about generosity.
  15. What is..I synthesized the experience through #WOLyo!
  16. What is..Others did it through #WOLweek
  17. What could be…we need support in our networks, outside the enterprise – #ResponsiveCoffee
  18. What is..I am learning more about #RelentlessHumanity
  19. What is..I built this pecha kucha in the same way #PKyvr33
  20. What could be…I could do more. Perhaps you could too? Let’s talk.

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