20 Slides x 20 Seconds; One Focus – Working Out Loud (Yo!)

I think this is called a precis review. Synthesize, synthesize.

hey, that's me, bending over on the stage!
hey, that’s me, bending over on the stage!

My Working Out Loud pecha kucha – Go!

  1. I am a (self-appointed) corporate disorganizer, and one way I experiment in this role is by…
  2. working out loud, trying to make my tacit knowledge explicit.
  3. I set up shop under the stairs at work, connected a projector to my laptop, and began to work and to share.
  4. I am positing that “share is the new save” – we have enough data, we need more sensemaking.
  5. Under the stairs I unSquirreled by personal knowledge – all low hanging fruit
  6. All content filtered by asking “How can I help (my network)?” I had 15+ rich, diverse conversations that I would not have otherwise had
  7. The product was 2 pecha kuchas every day at 1130 and 1330, on topics wide and narrow, near and far.
  8. The goal is not to change the world, it is to reach people where they are, often individuals
  9. We have to start somewhere, like presenting to one person, Fred, and letting that conversation guide the iteration
  10. Because you do not know what will be useful to whom until you begin, there are unknowns unknowns! I invited everyone, and 30% of the office turned up…
  11. Is working out loud “productive”? If “work is the learning and learning is the work (after @hjarche), then yes, it is core.
  12. It was not easy, it was a big challenge, and often I became discombobulated. Hopefully, it was entertaining…
  13. The sharing, asking how can I help? – this is not egotistical.
  14. Indeed, working out loud is an act of generosity.
  15. The learning synthesis loop – try, learn, adapt – means I wanted to share my learning widely, online
  16. People in my network ran a working out loud week – #WOLweek – to test this out in a larger group
  17. Working and sharing beyond the firewall is the next challenge. Many of us are disorganizing, we should have a #ResponsiveCoffee!
  18. I learned the critical piece of working out loud is put people > process; make work as human(e) as possible
  19. I produced this pecha kucha by working out loud too – maybe too meta? Decide for yourself – #PKyvr33
  20. I know a few things, maybe this much. There is much to (un/re)learn! Working out loud helps. Let’s connect, so I can ask you How can I help?

You wanna watch me present, right? Go ahead…

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