Fiendish Child: What We Have For Lunch Matters

The ability to socialize – communicate, build a network, prosper with people of all persuasions – is an ability that all young people do not have, apparently.

They are stuck behind screens of various dimensions and mobility! They are playing video games for 30 hours A DAY! They are all flaming and trolling innocent others and punishing all and sundry with nary a thought for hurt and shame! They have lost the ability to speak and have grown massive thumbs with which they grab the world and shake it…

All of it nonsense.

The convergence of technology and social network empowerment has created a mesmeric fireworks display of socializing opportunities and moments and meaning of myriad size and intensity.

Endless channels allow us to segment and subtly differentiate our messages and interactions. Access to billions of people of unquantifiable variety opens up an almost infinite number of communities and learning moments.

So what that some of it is about sharing what you had for lunch, or how big Kim Kardashian’s butt is, or that much of it is left in the ether as we speed on to the next, juicier interaction.

So what. I roughly recall what a twat I was when I was 19. How omni-directional my worldview was. I know for sure I would be vastly more entertaining and engaging and ready, if I had been able to share what I had for lunch more often.

←This Much We Know.→


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