#PKyvr33 Day 9: Hashtags As Memes

Yesterday, I shared that I want to create a few opportunities for memories for the audience. I find #Hashtags as a useful synthesis of an idea – to focus MY attention, so that I might focus others’.

I can rattle on about this and that, but the constraint of pecha kucha forces behaviour, and it might be the most important area to focus on, assuming the content itself is worthy of presenting…

WOLyo! getting from THERE to HERE
WOLyo! getting from THERE to HERE

So, here is a working list of hashtags I am using to synthesize the presentation process:

#WorkLife: Share something grounded very much in the daily experience of work – about how each of us can move out into the complex world (of work) every day and add value.

#WOLyo: I moved under the stairs at work for a week. I set up my laptop with a projector attached and shared my work for all to see.

At 1130 and 1330 exactly, I shared a pecha kucha on a topic about which I know something (perhaps more than my colleagues) – 10 in total. This is called working out loud.

#Share is the new save: Working out loud is simply the conscious act of sharing your work – in the open, as available as you can make it.

In my day job at Teekay, I have introduced various social technologies, and the problem with ‘social technology” is that we end up discussing technology (which is unimportant) – a tool is just a tool – or “social” as in chitchat.

#TheWork #work:learning: What we should be talking about is THE WORK – our knowledge, ideas. Work is learning and learning is the work.

And in times of complexity, we don’t know what the learning is until we share, mix, discuss blah. This is where working out loud comes in.

#unknown unknowns: I invited everyone to join. But here’s the rub – until you share, until you work out loud, you don’t know who wants to know!

#P2P: You only need an audience of one.

#RelentlessHumanity: We are only as powerful as our network(s) – move out into the world

#unSquirrel: Don’t know what to WOLyo about? Ridiculous! We each of us have so much to share, so much value to add. Try to #unSquirrel some salted away nuggets of data!

#YouAreBeingWatched: stressful to share, tiring too. Liberating too.

#PKyvr33: I developed this PK by working out loud. Keep going! Also #WOLweek: some contacts from UK / Aus took it on to develop muscle / practice.

Next step, images to overlay…

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