#PKyvr33 Day 8: Creating A Memory Or Three

One of the pecha kuchas presentations I gave under the stairs was The Power of 3: that when you present, the best you can hope for is that people might remember three things you have to offer; that if you break down the flow into threes, there is a rhythm – a chunking process – that allows your audience to record data into their short-term memory.


So, a pecha kucha with 20 slides, with the opportunity to share 20 points, with 20 images…what are the few chunks I hope others record? What would I hope that people take forward as their own, that they can enact or discuss or distribute…?

Hey, it’s just 400 seconds of an audience’s life, I get it. Don’t sweat it too much, just share my schtick. Agreed. But, several hundred have paid to be entertained, inspired, moved to action, hooked into a new way of thinking about something…and I ain’t cured cancer or set up a charity that makes Africa healthy; nor do I have a genius talent where the gift of sharing is enough. I need to work it, people.

A big part of #PKyvr33 is to throw things around and see what sticks / schticks. It is to work out loud, to put skin in the game, to revisit the process so I can talk authentically to it, anew.

I have a list of #Hashtags, to share tomorrow…

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