#WOLyo! Close Out: Storify Reflections On Working Out Loud

Well, I put together a Storify of the #WOLyo! experiment from last week. Storify curates the social conversation around the topic – this is about me working out loud for a whole week under the stairs at work. Unfortunately, I cannot embed the Storify here on WordPress, so click through to the slightly weird but quite interesting little experiment…it looks a little bit like this. Enjoy. ←This Much We Know.→   Continue reading #WOLyo! Close Out: Storify Reflections On Working Out Loud

It’s Time To #WOLyo!

Here is my current applied learning process: I connect with those who are further ahead, some who are behind or abreast but who are seekers also; I watch, listen, read. I let the knowledge wash over me. I pause for thought. I create space for insight at several points through the day. I reach out, respond, enter the flow, deepen my awareness. I articulate my own connected thoughts on my blog, for my own challenge first. I work out loud. As ideas eddy and still and amplify, I bring new learning to work (day job). I share new ideas, new … Continue reading It’s Time To #WOLyo!

Dissecting Your Personal Brand: Synthesizing Your AwesomeSauce

This is where the hard work begins, and the pay-off too. You have a ton of data, and several interesting ideas to play with. Perhaps your brand has a theme to it. You have a beautiful BrandBoard to share! Now what? Well, now we synthesize. This means distilling down all the brand content into 2-3 core ideas around which you can build a story. Although you brand might skew in a particular direction – mine is a heavily head brand – it does not mean you have no skills in the other Head-Heart-Hand elements. When you meet people, generally you … Continue reading Dissecting Your Personal Brand: Synthesizing Your AwesomeSauce

Intrapreneurs Wanted!

Intrapreneurship is growing. Forbes carries a smart little article on four clear traits of intrapreneurs. It is a good lens to look through – are you ready to perform? What I like is the essence of the intrapreneur not as self-glorifying visionary but as instinctive and alive to what goes on around them. Intrapreneurs aren’t afraid to change course, nor do they fear failure. It isn’t outward bravado that drives them but an inner confidence and courage that every step takes them closer to their ultimate goal. Indeed. Most importantly, intrapreneurs exhibit the traits of confidence and humility—not the maverick … Continue reading Intrapreneurs Wanted!

#WorkHacks – Put Yourself First

The change agent extraordinaire  Joachim Stroh shared this beautiful, evocative graphic, saying: “It’s about you, but you’re not the only bee in the hive; the further you expand the more you grow. Putting yourself first is not about ego, not about me-me-me. No. It is about moving out into the world with conviction and self-awareness, to confirm to others ‘This is how I add value.’ Indeed, success for most of us comes not from individual brilliance, but from moving within, and asking help from, a community of supporters: “… individual expertise did not distinguish people as high performers. What distinguished high … Continue reading #WorkHacks – Put Yourself First

#WorkHacks – Get Some Hustle

I have written about hustle before. Just as you need to get into the flow of ideas and networks, you need some hustle to strike when the opportunity arises. Hustle and flow is a great combination of attributes to possess – and is a basic tenet of the TMWK Manifesto. Hustle is a (much more) natural state of readiness for Millennials. According to a 2012 US Chamber of Commerce Foundation report, 27% of Millennials are self-employed, but a whopping 90% say entrepreneurship is a mindset, not an actual role. They expect to be treated like freelancers even as employees; 58% expect the standard workday … Continue reading #WorkHacks – Get Some Hustle

#WorkHacks – Create Serendipity By Reducing Bathrooms

Serendipity implies things happening due to forces beyond your control. Yes, but no. You can create serendipity in your workplace through office design. I read Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs, and a story that stuck for me was his involvement in the design of his offices. He demanded only one toilet block for the entire office, and that it be in the atrium. He wanted serendipitous meetings to occur between people who would not otherwise collide and connect. Where’s The Washroom? At a recent knowledge share session at work, I asked 30 colleagues where they would place the kitchen … Continue reading #WorkHacks – Create Serendipity By Reducing Bathrooms

Introducing Your #SocBiz Change Team: The Lunatic, The Impotent, And The Bullshitter. Which One Are You?

Being called a (MarComms) Generalist has always made me slightly uncomfortable. It suggests an inability to define one’s service offering. The opposite, a Specialist, also lacks comfort. Being pigeonholed and isolated as a one-trick pony hardly brings succour. So I love how the genius (lunatic?) that was Kurt Vonnegut articulated these brilliant specialist archetypes in Bluebeard (via this kottke.org post) in talking about change. “[M]ost people cannot open their minds to new ideas unless a mind-opening team with a peculiar membership goes to work on them. Otherwise, life will go on exactly as before, no matter how painful, unrealistic, unjust, … Continue reading Introducing Your #SocBiz Change Team: The Lunatic, The Impotent, And The Bullshitter. Which One Are You?

We Are In An Age Of Accelerated Disruption

To conclude these last few posts on organizational change on the role of individuals to disrupt and disorganize, another extract from this excellent summary of accelerated disruption in Forbes. Disruption At Scale. “Not only does modern social media/tech allow disruptors to collaborate, it also allows them the ability to disrupt/collaborate to or with the masses, at scale; all the while engaging, interacting and building relationships. Therefore the return on that empowers their ability to disrupt.” Companies are now more accepting of change – some are even making hiring decisions and investing in change.  Our accelerated pace to address the needs of an ever changing … Continue reading We Are In An Age Of Accelerated Disruption

I Have Changed My Job Title To…Corporate Disorganizer.

Recently, I added the job title “Intrapreneur” to my LinkedIn profile. It speaks to my belief that the future of work is changing underfoot. We need to be nimble, upskilling, influencers all. In yesterday’s post I wrote “[of my interest … Continue reading I Have Changed My Job Title To…Corporate Disorganizer.

Want Intrapreneurial Progress? Create ‘Cracks And Leaps’

I am newly taken with the definition of entrepreneurship from Joseph Schumpeter: creative destruction. Peter Drucker said the entrepreneur upsets and disorganizes. I am trying to apply the same notion inside the organization, even calling myself an intrapreneur. Consequently, this Schumpeter column in The Economist on entrepreneurs rang a bell: Joseph Schumpeter once argued that economic progress takes place in “cracks” and “leaps” rather than “infinitesimal small steps” because it is driven by rule-breaking entrepreneurs. “Entrepreneurs are contrarian value creators. They see economic value where others see heaps of nothing,” the article cites. Inside the organization, intrapreneurs do the same thing. They … Continue reading Want Intrapreneurial Progress? Create ‘Cracks And Leaps’