Dissecting Your Personal Brand: Synthesizing Your AwesomeSauce

This is where the hard work begins, and the pay-off too.

You have a ton of data, and several interesting ideas to play with. Perhaps your brand has a theme to it. You have a beautiful BrandBoard to share! Now what? Well, now we synthesize. This means distilling down all the brand content into 2-3 core ideas around which you can build a story.

JA-outcomesAlthough you brand might skew in a particular direction – mine is a heavily head brand – it does not mean you have no skills in the other Head-Heart-Hand elements. When you meet people, generally you want to be seen as normal (right?) and well-rounded, so having a story to tell in each element is a good way to go.

Here is mine: highlighted are many of the data points that appear in my BrandBoard.

Corporate Disorganizer

I excel at managing creative tension. I am curious and innovative; I marry my strengths in creativity and strategy to inject and manage memes in the organization. I am an edge thinker, independent and brave.

Creative Intrapreneur

I also understand and feel how to connect everything and how everything connects. My big-picture / visionary approach to organizational work is high impact, high intensity. I am a fixer – I get shit done. This means I work at velocity, at speed with direction.

Corporate Communications

Oh, and I am well-versed and successful at all things communications, too, if case you are interested.

Now, am I perfect for many / most of the jobs out there in my field(s)? Nope. But, I am perfect for some – the best in the world, if what someone needs is the above. That is personal branding – being the best at being you, and adding maximum value to others while being / doing that. Getting people past ‘oh,’ and on to ‘YES!’

Don’t you deserve to spend some quality time considering your brand value? Isn’t there more to expect from you? Sure there is! Let’s get you to ‘YES!’ We should talk.

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