It’s Time To #WOLyo!

Here is my current applied learning process:

  • I connect with those who are further ahead, some who are behind or abreast but who are seekers also;
  • I watch, listen, read. I let the knowledge wash over me.
  • I pause for thought. I create space for insight at several points through the day.
  • I reach out, respond, enter the flow, deepen my awareness.
  • I articulate my own connected thoughts on my blog, for my own challenge first. I work out loud.
  • As ideas eddy and still and amplify, I bring new learning to work (day job). I share new ideas, new plans, new hopes.
  • I put the learning to work, tentatively, small-scale, ready and willing to fail.
  • I iterate the ideas that work, and some of the ones that fail.
  • As my beliefs deepen about how we need to work, there is no excuse not to push for more.

wolyoThis week, I am going to try something new at work. I am going to work out loud VERY explicitly. #WOLyo! I am nervous, and excited. I do not know what will result from it, nor how I or others will experience it. But that’s life, that’s learning.

Indeed, work is learning and learning is the work. It is time to push. More hustle and flow. Here’s to the #WOLyo! Experience. Will work out loud here, too, to share the learning.

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