Intrapreneurs Wanted!

Intrapreneurship is growing. Forbes carries a smart little article on four clear traits of intrapreneurs. It is a good lens to look through – are you ready to perform?

What I like is the essence of the intrapreneur not as self-glorifying visionary but as instinctive and alive to what goes on around them.

Intrapreneurs aren’t afraid to change course, nor do they fear failure. It isn’t outward bravado that drives them but an inner confidence and courage that every step takes them closer to their ultimate goal.


Most importantly, intrapreneurs exhibit the traits of confidence and humility—not the maverick behavior of corporate hotshots…

let's get ready to pivot!Intrapreneurs are intra for a reason – they either do not possess the drive of the type-A leader; or they do not need formal leadership acclaim. They want to make something good, great. They play their role in the team, moving everyone forward.

Intrapreneurship is an important concept to foster. As organizations become networks, we will need more people who are willing and able to move around the network; be a connector node; Make. Shit Happen.

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