Hustle + Flow: How To Possess A Distinct, Undeniable Swag

Last week, in sharing this beta process of constructing a Work Manifesto For The Social Age, Richard Martin added his always excellent input…

I protested that hustle was all about action…

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X Is The New Y: Another Take

Last year I worked through a few changes in the way people and organizations (co)exist, especially as technology changes our world(view) and networks blow away rigid structures. I called this series X is the new Y. Well, one article I read today really has 9 new Xs, so to speak, all from the genius of Joi Ito, head of MIT Media Lab. (Explanations begin around 16:30 of video) Ito calls them principles of innovation, and they fit perfectly into the x:y perspective. Resilience is the new Strength Pull is the new Push Risk is the new Safety System is the … Continue reading X Is The New Y: Another Take

#PKyvr33 Day 17: Let’s Do This Thing

A Pecha Kucha checklist: 20 appropriate images chosen Single talking point for each image Script of sorts created A clear sense of outcome(s) from being there Slides played at real speed to understand justhowquicktheychange or – how – slowly – they – change so that 15% of the speech is NOT saying “Oh, wow, this goes so fast / hmm, where is the next slide!?” Like a flyweight boxer, all senses moving in rhythm, feeling light and honed Vague plan to deal with inevitable last minute fear that supercedes all the preparation that went before it Level of comfort that … Continue reading #PKyvr33 Day 17: Let’s Do This Thing

#PKyvr33 Day 4: Permission To Be Human #WOLyo #WOLweek

I don’t talk a lot about work, or my TMWK focus, when I am home. Family life is busy enough – there is nary a moment for open discussion. This weekend, though, Lori and I went out for dinner and to the cinema, so we had a chance to talk about #PKyvr33, and about the blog. Lori claims to read all the posts, and she gave me some lovely, simple feedback that is prescient to the #PKyvr33 process of explaining what the hell I did under the stairs at work for a week. I made a few notes on my … Continue reading #PKyvr33 Day 4: Permission To Be Human #WOLyo #WOLweek

Personal Branding: Get Lucky

You may recall that personal branding begins with reflection. It takes on a life of its own through stories that are amplified. You create a social object. The outcome is you get lucky… Serendipitously, today I wrote up some notes from Reid Hoffman’s The Start Up Of You. In the Invest In Yourself section, his action item is Update your profile on LinkedIn [where he is Chairman] so that your summary statement articulates your competitive advantages. You should be able to fill in this sentence: “Because of my [skill/experience/strength], I can do [type of professional work] better than [specific types of … Continue reading Personal Branding: Get Lucky

10 Revelations From 260+ Blogs In One Year

I recently wrote: I have to go far to go at all. I need to commit fully to avoid making excuses, for being lazy. So, when I eventually began the TMWK blog I made a promise to write a post every day. I even took a week off work to get into the flow and produce. Remarkably, a year on I have posted more than 260 posts. Here is what I have learned along the way… Do or do not. There is no try, said Yoda, and who am I to argue. No-one, that’s who. So I won’t. ‘Nuff with … Continue reading 10 Revelations From 260+ Blogs In One Year

Living Under The Stairs, Working Out Loud #WOLyo! Day 1 Review

I would be lying if I said I knew it would work. I had little idea on how people would participate, if at all. #WOLyo! is an attempt to engage with the network in a different, direct way. It is guerilla work, asking for no permission, creating tension in the corridors (quite literally) of power, stopping people in the their tracks (hopefully). It takes bravery to participate, because it is unexpected and there are no rules of engagement. If I show up, will I be put on the spot? Will I understand what is going on? Will I know the … Continue reading Living Under The Stairs, Working Out Loud #WOLyo! Day 1 Review

It’s Time To #WOLyo!

Here is my current applied learning process: I connect with those who are further ahead, some who are behind or abreast but who are seekers also; I watch, listen, read. I let the knowledge wash over me. I pause for thought. I create space for insight at several points through the day. I reach out, respond, enter the flow, deepen my awareness. I articulate my own connected thoughts on my blog, for my own challenge first. I work out loud. As ideas eddy and still and amplify, I bring new learning to work (day job). I share new ideas, new … Continue reading It’s Time To #WOLyo!

The Search For More

Ever since I started using Yammer more than three years ago, I have had a new found appreciation for the power of the network. Previously, I hugged close my knowledge and kept tight my network of trust. No longer. I have nothing to hide any more. Share is the new Save, I wrote a year ago, and I have been spending huge amounts of my free time unlearning and relearning how to scale EVERYTHING accordingly. I have moved my primary learning environment from the yammer customer network – thousands of like-minded seekers of organizational scaling – to the Change Agents … Continue reading The Search For More

I Am An Artist, You Are An Artist, We Are All Of Us Artists

Seth Godin has some great content, of course, about people picking themselves. I have written previously about the transformation I went through when I realized the means of creative production were within reach upon first using MiniDV video technology and editing on an early iMac. Embracing the technology, I was effectively picking myself: because Suddenly, I was in control, a one-man shop, a creative force! I was a child again, trying things out, self-congratulatory, experimental, churning, learning. By producing content – where before I was just full of ideas – I was making art. I was a self-proclaimed artist. Modern art … Continue reading I Am An Artist, You Are An Artist, We Are All Of Us Artists