X Is The New Y: Another Take

Last year I worked through a few changes in the way people and organizations (co)exist, especially as technology changes our world(view) and networks blow away rigid structures. I called this series X is the new Y.

Well, one article I read today really has 9 new Xs, so to speak, all from the genius of Joi Ito, head of MIT Media Lab. (Explanations begin around 16:30 of video)

Ito calls them principles of innovation, and they fit perfectly into the x:y perspective.

  • Resilience is the new Strength
  • Pull is the new Push
  • Risk is the new Safety
  • System is the new Object
  • Compass is the new Map
  • Practice is the new Theory
  • Disobedience is the new Compliance
  • Emergence is the new Authority
  • Learning is the new Education

These are some of the things I have been considering in my fumbling, amateur way. I shall write more on these, I think. They fit with the other x:y topics I have already written about:

←This Much We Know.→



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